We have a team of experienced industrial designers, mechanical engineers, products marketing and program managers from design to manufacturing processes. To save engineering sample cost, we run few times of Engineering Verification Tests to verify prior to making samples. Our services include but not limited to the following:

IP Protection

Protecting your idea is a crucial step in preventing anyone else profiting from your invention. We can help you to file patent according to your product spec.

Prototyping/mock up

We utilize the 3D technology to enable you to see your product progress one step at a time and we run DVT (design verification test) to ensure it is designed to perform as intended.

Pre-production preparation

We run PVT (production verification test) to ensure the product design is ready for mass production. We provide production and tooling cost calculation based on your product, process, and the material.

Packaging Design

We can help you with all your packaging requirements for varies materials. We help you decide on the best packaging method for your product. If you need some graphics developed and designed we can help you with that.