You can literally spend years trying to find the right supplier and price for your product. We are here to make manufacturing easy with right cost structure. Our global strategic alliance & partners complement our services and create value to our customers.

Manufacturing services : We run three pre-production verification tests (EVT/T1, DVT/T2, and PVT/T3) to ensure the following:

  • Sufficient time samples for R & D engineer(s) to validate his/her ideas
  • Verification between the mock up and machine to ensure compliance with all design specifications
  • All production processes comply with manufacturer's standard procedure and meet production capacity

Fulfillment services and solutions

  • Inventory control – we set up an inventory system to better manage ins and outs without excessive stocks
  • Pick and pack - With an established work force, processes, and packaging & shipping equipment in place, we can provide reliable Pick and Pack services to customers.
  • Warehousing- allow customers to monitor the inventory through online system.
  • Transportation -From Air Freight, Ocean Freight and to Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery services, we offer best equipment and service to transport your freight safely, securely, and on-time.
  • Returns and exchanges/Customer services - take care of all your customers' return and exchange requests and exam rework items. Also, have a call center arranged for customer services.